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About the company
T.W. Smith makes doing the job seem as easy as our name. A simple name for a company that has set the standard for compressed gas distribution for more than eight decades. Founded in 1927, and since 1954, T.W. Smith has been run as a family business committed to providing quality and service to our valued customers.

T.W. Smith is the largest distributor in the New York metropolitan area with our main store in Brooklyn, and our satellite branch in Staten Island.
We carry all types of compressed gases, including a complete line of medical and commercial cylinders, tanks, and equipment.

For the past 75 years T.W. Smith has been a distributor of Praxair, as well as Miller and Esab products. We also carry a full line of welding and cutting products from Smith and Lincoln Electric. For our medical customers we carry cryogenic equipment from Taylor-Wharton. These are just a few of the top brands we carry.

T.W. Smith services a variety of industries, both medical and commercial businesses, including: institutions, hospitals, nursing homes, immediate care centers, doctors, dentists, photo and reproduction developers, mechanic and welding shops, construction companies, shipyards, fabricators, and party/card shops.

Our reputation has been built by delivering what you want, when you want it, where you want it --- efficiently and cost-effectively.

T.W. Smith Corp., the only name you need to know for quality and service. What could be simpler?
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